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Find out what some of our clients have to say...

Emelia Tarkowska with trainer Mark Robertson (1)

Emelia Tarkowska

“During my employment course I discovered how important it is to tailor your CV to the job you’re applying for.

“I learned that as a single mum I’ve already built a good range of transferrable skills, which is something I never considered before. Overall, this course has helped me to build my confidence and prepared me well in the search for a dream job.

“During the experience I learned so much about myself during and I’m thankful for my constructive feedback and suggestions from taking part in mock interviews with the team.”

Doina Romocea

“The knowledge and skills acquired during the course increased my self-confidence, employability and opened up new opportunities for me, making me better prepared for future challenges.

“I feel much more confident in completing my cover letter and CV. I feel very prepared and confident going to interviews and I’m sure that everything I’ve learned on this course will help me find a job.”

Doina is currently about to begin a work placement with a local community centre where she will interact with clients and be able to exercise and further develop her excellent English skills.

Maryna Mykhailenko

“I feel more confident during interviews and have more approaches on how to better answer various interview questions.  I applied the skills I learned in this course when interviewing.  Thank you for everything.”